There are significant differences, even though modern Turkish cuisine has many of its origins in Ottoman cuisine.

During the Ottoman Empire, the sultans ate relatively rich foods with a Persian influence, and much more use of fruits (pomegranates, apricots, prunes) in their meat dishes. There were many types of pilafs (also relying on dried fruits), and a heavier use of game (quail, pigeon, rabbit.) Sweets were very important.

Modern Turkish cuisine uses more fresh vegetables than traditional Ottoman cuisine (salads, stews) and is well known for its ‘’meze’’ culture – many small tasty dishes prior to the main meal. The introduction of many greens from the Aegean and Mediterranean regions has also resulted in many new dishes, as well as the diversity of recipes from the Black Sea region. Sweets are still important in modern Turkish cooking, but not as rich a part of the menu as they were doing the Ottoman years.